CANDID SHOTS & BEHIND THE SCENESQUASI MOVIE – So happy to be back shooting with the “Broken Lizard” guys! I shot this at Blue Cloud Ranch in Santa Clarita. So many films and TV shows have shot here including “Iron Man 3” and “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”. It was cool to see the set be transformed back to 15th Century Paris. It was very cold shooting this but thankfully I was able to wear warm layers under my wardrobe.

CODYKO MUSIC VIDEO “FIAT” – This was so fun to shoot! So many laughs on set! Bonus was working with my best friend Beth Geiger. The studio where this was shot didn’t have A/C…it got really hot (especially in mid-July).

TACOMA F.D. – What a fun bunch on the set of Tacoma F.D.! I got to run in small heels a lot…and I didn’t trip.

SINGLE PARENTS – Check out my hospital lanyard. Do I look like an Evelyn Solis?

“PURPLE” COMMERCIAL – So sad this never aired. I shot this commercial for Purple (mattresses and seat cushions) at Pierce College LA. For my audition, I had to sing, and sing loud and proud! They rigged the camera on the front hood for part of it too. Still hoping one day they decide to air it.

LIFE IN PIECES – This shot at the Burbank Airport during the middle of the day. Production had to close off this part of the airport in order to shoot this scene without interrupton.

AMERICAN CRIME STORY – The episode I worked on was about OJ Simpson. We shot this in downtown LA right outside the courthouse. Fun fact, I auditioned for this in August, but didn’t shoot this scene until October since they had to rent out the courthouse.

ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING – Fun working this show! I had worked with the director on two episodes of College Humor so very thankful to work with him again.

THE COLUMBIAN CONNECTION – Worked on this movie in Tarpon Spring, Florida with the father/son directing duo of Bertie and Juilan Higgins. I also worked beside the late Tom Sizemore as well.

COLLAGECANDIDccpremeireTHE COLUMBIAN CONNECTION – MOVIE PREMIERE – So awesome working with this talented group: David Castro, Kevin Brooks, Robert Thorne and Bianca Malinowski.

COLLAGECANDIDCIHCHRISTMAS IN HOLLYWOOD – Fun fact: I was 8 weeks pregnant when I shot this movie and released after I gave birth LOL. Fun working with the director Darren Dowler.

COLLAGECANDIDditchDITCH PARTY MASSACRE – This was shot a super creepy abandoned house in the middle of nowhere in Temecula. And, it was freezing. But so much fun!

POKER RUN – This was shot at the Four Aces Motel where Rob Zombie’s “House of 1000 Corpses,” “Identity and Lenny Kravitz’ “American Woman” music video were all filmed. Here I am with the writer/producer Bertie Higgins and my “daughter” Carlie Nettles.

POKER RUN – WORLD PREMIERE – Fun walking the red carpet with writer/producer Bertie Higgins and actors Robert Thorne, Corey Richardson and Jay Wisell.

AOL COMMERCIAL – This was such a fun and silly commercial to shoot even though I get a lamp thrown at my head LOL. And my set dog was the sweetest and a great actor!

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