Full Name: Suzanne Gutierrez-Hedges
Unions: SAG / AFTRA
Date of Birth: February 7
Place of Birth: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Heritage: Hispanic, Filipino, German, Polish
Height: 5’5″
Hair and Eyes: Brown

Hi! I’m Suzanne. Thanks for checking out my website. A little about me.
I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was the youngest of three kids.
I loved to do act in plays and even starred as “Annie” in my grade school
play. I also started gymnastics at the age of six and competed competitively
in club which ultimately landed me in Lexington, Kentucky. I was a full ride
scholarship gymnast for the University of Kentucky…GO CATS! After I
graduated, I had the inkling to get back into acting. So, I did! I moved to
Los Angeles and hit the ground running. I took acting classes, attended
networking functions and grew my circle of friends. I also met my husband
and have two kids that are also actors (Nicolas Hedges and Leona Hedges if
you want to check them out). Fast forward to today…I continue to do what I love! 


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